Don’t Go To Bed Feeling Defeated!

As I sit here at midnight…exhausted! Feeling stuck, perhaps defeated, not sure what to do or whether I should go to bed. I might be tired tomorrow, but did I get done what I needed to today? Tomorrow is a busy day lots of different things and places to be. Hard question to answer when you go, go, go!

I was about to head that way and I heard….

Don’t go to bed feeling defeated!

That doesn’t mean I need to get everything done on every to do list I have around here or (in my head)….

It means I need to change my mindset before I close my eyes.

I need to get aligned with the big goal. The long term goal… I need to feel it! Believe it! Remember my why!

I need to make a cup of tea and pray.  I need to look at my affirmations for the day! I need to visualize where I want to be and what it feels like. I need to meditate.

This doesn’t have to take long, maybe 5 minutes.

That’s where I’m headed! Shift my focus! Realign! Go to bed feeling like it will all work out!


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